Saturday, November 3, 2012

Spain Seminar

 London Eye
 Big Ben and LONDON phone booth
We attended the London Temple on Saturday with our departing missionaries. The Maidstone Stake Conference was on Sunday followed by exit interviews withe the four Elders and four Sisters going home. On Monday we sent them off and welcomed 6 more new ones from 6 different countries: France, Germany, Hong kong,Philippines, South Africa and England.  Tuesday morning we flew out to Madrid Spain to meet with the 30 mission presidents from the Europe Area.  We had a marvellous time, including a session in the Madrid, Spain temple.  We found out all the things we aren't doing perfectly and repented to improve.  We have a very lenient boss or most of us might get fired.
     It truly is a marvellous experience to be involved in a work where you feel the promptings of the Spirit in almost everything we do. The young missionaries have small miracles in everything they do.  The AP s had a flat tyre and while getting it repaired, being led to a second shop they went to, a man came up to them and asked to be taught more about the church.  They truly felt they were suppose to be where they were and the flat was only a minor inconvenience.
      We will include some pictures we have taken this past week to show where we have been.  We are busy, happy, and sleeping well.  We love you all. `hard to believe that halloween has come and gone. There are fireworks the past two nights celebrating Guy Faulk's day.  `he tried to blow up Parliament House on November 5 sometime in the 1600s. It's sort of like the 4th of July in the US.

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