Sunday, February 24, 2013

Feb 24,2013

    How did February disappear so rapidly. Since last writing we have held three multi zone conferences: one in Poole for the three western zones, one in Reading for the three central zones and one in Crawley for the three eastern zones. It is wonderful to get the missionaries together and to see them interact with each other. It is awesome to hear them sing "We are as the Army of Heleman"and "Called to Serve". We give them counsel, call them to repentance, instruct them, love them and send them back to work. Oh and for sure we feed them.
   Last Sunday we travelled by train and tube into London for a meeting with the greater London Stake Presidents and Bishops.  The area presidency was there and they gave a preview of the advertising initiative that is coming soon.  We stayed overnight with the mission president in the LONDON  Mission; President and Sister Jordan.  Monday we took a long walk in Hyde Park in the morning and then had a meeting with the area presidency in the afternoon.  We were linked by video with the other four mission presidents in the United Kingdom.
     We are anticipating the opening of the musical, The Book of Mormon in March. There has been some interesting advertising.  The church will initiate an advertising campaign of it's own in April.  We anticipate a lot of traffic to  We are allowing our missionaries to go on the website for one hour a week to become familiar with the contents so they can respond better to questions that will arise and will be better able to help the members engage their friends in conversations about the church and it's doctrines and values. I can't find any good pictures to sent right now.
     You would be so proud of Sister Millar, she did her first ever  power point presentation on the iPad  with a remote control of the slides from my iPhone .  She was awesome. Her presentation was on cleaning your flat. She is getting much more comfortable in speaking, even on short notice.  Grandma has arrived in the digital age.
We want to congratulate George on his mission call to Bolivia, He will be entering the Peru MTC on July 31st, this year, We are so proud of him, and wish him all the best, We know he will be an awesome missionary. Grandma Val and Grandpa Doc are thrilled.
   This Thursday we fly to Frankfurt for two days for an area conference with the area Presidency and all the 30 European Presidents and their wives, along with the other auxiliary leaders from around Europe, we will be home Saturday.
Does anyone know where the Hansen are going yet? with 58 new mission just opening up we would love to hear, We can certainly relate to what they are going through right now, Unfortunately none of the new ones are in England, our are just getting bigger.    
       God Bless to you all, we always love to hear from you,      President and Sister Millar.

Friday, February 15, 2013

The Ides of February

      I'm sorry that two weeks have quickly fled past. It has been eventful.  The first Sat and Sun in Feb we attended Stake conference in Reading. Two weeks before it was scheduled but was cancelled due to weather, snow and ice.  It was sunny and bright that day.  Sister Millar and I both were asked to speak. We were invited to dinner at President Aitchison's home.  We had a wonderful time getting to know them and his counsellors and their families. The next Wednesday we had Zone Leaders Council here at the mission home. We feed them, 20 young men, breakfast and lunch.  We also have intense leadership training with emphasis on the large influx of new missionaries over the next 60 days. By the end of May we anticipate 74 elders and sisters to arrive and only 20 going home.  We will have to find trainers for 74 and new apartments for 25 companionships. We are having great fun. Sunday the 10th we were asked to speak in sacrament meeting in the Bath ward.   It is about 120 miles west of here.  We had someone walk in off the street and it was a good meeting.  We ate with the Bishop and his family.  We decided to stay overnight in Bath at an old Georgian Hotel that must be over 150 years old.   It is called Limpley Stoke Best Western now. I'll include some photos.  The next day we looked around the city of Bath. It gets it's name from the hot springs that come up there.   The Romans had built a large public bath there in 40 AD. After 400 years it was abandoned and covered with debris.  It wasn't  until the 1800s that it was discovered and excavated, finally rebuilt. I will include some pictures.
 Limply Stoke Best Western Hotel that we stayed in.
Roman Bath  in Bath England
     The temperature of the water is 46 C, which is  about 114 F. The spring produces enough hot water to fill a bathtub every 10 seconds. It is amazing to see and contemplate the history involved with this place.

     On Tuesday we received a new mandarin speaking Elder that we met at Gatwick airport, fed him, oriented him and took him to his new companion and area in Oxford. (another beautiful place). It seems we get new arrivals every Tues.  We had a Senior couple come on the 7th, The Elder on the 12th and we have a new couple coming on the 19th.  On Wednesday we had a three zone conference in Reading. It is always great to have the missionaries together. There is a feeling of love and the spirit abounds as we learn from each other what the Lord would have us do in the work. We are focusing on obedience and the training of new missionaries. As the daffodils are pushing their way up through the earth we anticipate the newness of spring and the newness we are looking  for in the England London South Mission.  We sense new growth and expansion in the work of the Lord.
     One of our office elders is very gifted at origami.  Here are some examples of his work.  The nativity he made at Christmas time won awards in the USA

     These are all made from folded paper. They are about 9 inches tall.
We miss you and think of you always. Our love to all and thanks for the emails they keep us pumped up.