Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Spring has Sprung 2014

Dear friends and family,
      Spring has officially arrived, a lot sooner and lusher than last year after the wettest Winter on record, and last years coldest winter on record, We seem to be catching a lot of weather records since we came to England. what with the Hottest Summer last year. but it is always an adventure and wonderful.
       A lot has happened, and a lot of miles have been put on our car since we wrote last, and just looking at when that was made us both cringe, We had no idea,---- time is running away from us, we will be home before you know it.
       When we last wrote we just had one multi-zone conference left in Crawley, Then we started the next day with interviews, which the President has to do every 3 months, We started off in Reading Zone, (pronounced "Redding" spelling it phonetically). Driving to Basingstoke, then to Bracknell, then to Reading then on to Oxford, we finished about 8:30pm then drove to Swinton, and stayed overnight at the Holiday Inn there, just off the Motorway. Swinton isn't actually in our mission, the Birmingham Mission dips down through the M4 for a few miles there so every time we go to Bristol we have to drive through it, Anyway then it was on to Bristol and interviews there, Western Super Mare and Taunton. we then drove to Exeter and stayed the night at a B&B just off the Motorway going to Plymouth, We then drove to St Austell, then Plymouth and then Newton Abbott  and stayed at the same B&B near Exeter, Next day we drove into Exeter and finished off the interviews there. then in the afternoon we drove home, Each Zone has about 28 missionaries, and at about 15 minutes per missionary it takes time. We now have between 250 and 260 young Sisters and Elders so it takes time. We try to go to the nearest Chapel to as many missionaries as possible in that area, to save them travelling very far,
    We keep saying, One of these days it will be nice to see if there is a Town attached to these Chapels, as we seem to go from Motorway to Chapel without seeing anything else. We have now driven over 54,000 miles
   The next week we did interviews in the Poole Zone and had just enough time for a bite, before going to the Stake Missionary Correlation Meeting with the Stake President and High Council that evening, after the meeting we had the 2 hour drive back home, so it was a late night for us.
         The next Friday Jodi and Paul and their family arrived, it was wonderful to see them and see how much the children had grown, They were able to stay at the mission home for a few days even though we were not able to be there most of the time, Infact that weekend we had to go back to Poole for their Stake Conference, and had to speak at both Saturday night and Sunday Meetings, we got back home late Sunday, in time to welcome Jodi's family, as they had spent the weekend going to the Roman baths at Bath and visiting the Goodrich Castle in Glouchester.
      Tuesday we were able to go with the kids to Sonehenge, it was a beautiful day, dispite a biting wind that blew across the Salisbury Plains. We then separated ways, they drove to the Mission home and we continued on to Southampton for their Stake Missionary Correlation Meeting, getting home at 10:30 pm. Wednesday they left to go to their lodgeings in London, and that night we met them at the Theater to see the Lion King, another late night for us, We then drove to Bristol the next day for their Stake Correlation Meeting, Another late night, Then Friday was President Millars eye appointment in London, that he has every 6 weeks, after that we met up with the kids at Westminster and went to the Churchill, Underground War Rooms, It was very interesting, then after getting dinner we made our way back to the mission home, tired but sad as we had to say goodbye to them all, until we get home.
        A couple of highlights of their trip, were visiting an owlrey that a member has in his back garden, he has over 20 owls, of every shape and size, we all loved it and he let the kids hold some of them, the other was after meeting the Assistants to the President who were at our home on Monday, they invited Kaden who is 17, to go on a teach with them, He loved it, we were so proud of him.
     Since then we have had Missionaries going home and transfers, which are always very busy times, then Mission Leadership training, and the beginning of each Zones Zone Training which we divided up with the AP's they took 5 and we took 5 Zones.
         This last weekend we were at the Plymouth Stake Conference, we left here Thursday, interviewed a missionary in Portsmouth, then another in Hedge End, near Southampton, then drove on to our little B&B near Exeter, Drove the next day to Plymouth, for their Zone Training, stayed in Plymouth that night, at a hotel near the Hoe, where the Mayflower sailed from, attended Stake Conference and Stake Correlation Meeting Saturday, Attended Sunday Conference, and we had to speak at both meetings, Left at 1pm and drove back to the Mission Home for a quick bite and then on to Crawley for a Fireside that evening, The Mayor of Crawley was there with his wife and a counsel man and also Lord and Lady something, At the reception later they thought they knew me from somewhere,----------- we laughed because quite a few people have asked if I was Judy Dench, (M from the James Bond Movies). although I didn't say that to them.
With Dezzie near the houses of Parliament and Big Ben. The President after his eye appointment, he has to wear his dark glasses. and YES it's true, that is BLUE SKY.
This is what the roadsides look like right now that the daffodils have gone, These are primroses and     bluebells
Bluebells growing by the back gate
Driving home from Plymouth. the yellow fields are Rape seed that they make rapeseed oil out of. I think it is the same as Safflower in the US
Just around the corner from the Mission Home
Most but not all of our wonderful Missionaries from the Plymouth Zone, practicing to sing at Stake Conference in Plymouth
    Next weekend is Easter and we are speacking in the Epsom Ward, but Saturday we get a treat and we are going to Watford, to hear and see a performance of "The Lamb of God" The Sister conducting in above picture, is one of our Senior Missionaries, who plays the cello back home in the symphony, and she has been asked to play in this National production of The Lamb of God.
     Well I bet your as exhausted as me after reading that,------- Must close, Love you all and miss you.
                 God Bless and keep you safe.
                          President and Sister Millar   aka Doc and Val.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Senior Missionaries Needed,

Dear friends and family, I KNOW! I KNOW, It;s only been a short while since our last blog, but we need to send out a very special request, a plea if you like, for any Senior Couples that are thinking of serving a mission in the near future, We have 6 senior couples going home in the next 5 months and only one couple assigned to replace them. HELP!!!!  They wound be needed to work with the YSA ( young single adults) in some of our Stakes. Also we need senior couples for membership and leadership support to some of our wards and branches. If anyone has any interest please contact us by e-mail.   If you are interested please let the missionary department know you would like to serve in the England London South Mission, and we can put a word in also from this end.
     Things continue to be hectic for us, 2 weeks ago we left home at 9am to go and interview missionaries in the Wandsworth Stake, that took most of the day, them we got a quick bit to eat, (We usually take sack lunches for day long interviews), them from 7pm onwards we had Stake Missionary Correlation Meeting with the Wandsworth Stake Presidency, and Stake Mission Leaders, also the Zone Leaders, and of course us. We finally got home around 10pm.
  The next day was interviews for the digital zone at the Crawley Stake Center (a new and successful area of missionary work), them intreviews the day after at Crawley Stake Center  for the Crawley Zone. which led us to Friday and interviews for the Staines Zone with us Travelling from the Kingston ward to Staines and then to Slough.
 Weekends we are usually chasing around going to baptisms, and the office, and the Visiters Center on the Temple grounds, catching up with things at the mission home, and going to the store.
      Last Tuesday was the start of our Multi Zone Conferences, Three Zones (Stakes) met at the Poole Stake Center. (Plymouth, Bristol and Poole) we then stayed overnight in Portsmouth so we could do interviews all the next day,----- We even managed to have dinner at our favorite Fish and Chip Shop,  Chez Fred's in Westbourne, which is between Poole and Bournemouth ------ Staying in Portsmouth  saved us a 2 hour drive home and back, We finished off at Hamble River, and it was quite a pleasant day…… the sun actually came out for a while…….
   Thursday was a catchup day, and Friday, another Multi Zone Conference at Staines (Staines, Reading and Portsmouth Stakes)
  Spring seems to be approaching much more rapidly than last year, even though this has been the wettest year on record for England, Water is still everywhere,
These beautiful little daffodils are in the front garden by our back door, and their heads are less than 1 inch across

These 2 pictures were taken from the ferry going across to the Isle of Wight, We had to speak at a Fireside there. These are just leaving the dock at Portsmouth.
This is the Isle of Wight taken from the ferry not long before we landed.
Another busy week next week. Tuesday will see us at the Crawley Stake House, This isn't far from Gatwick Airport, and we will be having our last Multi Zone Conference The Digital Zone,( this includes the Visiting Center Sisters as well as Office Elders and Proselyting Elders) The Crawley Zone, the Maidstone Zone and the Wandsworth Zone.
 This is the roundabout near our home where we get on the A3
This is a sign on the Southamptom Chapel door,  
Must close, Love you all, and appreciate all your support and prayers,
God Bless,
 Roger and Valerie, aka President and Sister Millar.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Arc Building. 101

Dear family and friends,
A BIG HELLO, from soggy and water logged Southern England,
They say it's the wettest winter on record, and we won't disagree, unfortunately there is more rain and gales on the way. Many of the railway tracks are under water, and the ones on the south coast in Dorset, Devon, Somerset, and Cornwall that are near the coast have been damaged by the sea surge and washed away. So far, the Missionaries and ourselves have not been affected too much at present, although in some areas our missionaries are helping with flood control and filling sandbags, and helping in the shelters to feed and help those who have been evacuated. Rail travel is the main mode of transport for most people, What a mess, Is this a sign of the times, or what????
    Driving in it is also a challenge!, Last Thursday we left home at 8.15am to drive to Plymouth, to talk to an Elder who was having some problems and needed to talk to the President, a 4 hr drive, We were trying to drive back home through Poole and Chicester to talk to another Elder who needed to talk with the President, but some of the roads were closed due to the flooding, consequently we were driving though small towns, which were very picturesque, but a little scary, It would have been beautiful if it hadn't been so grey and misty all day. We finally got home about 10.30pm.   Below; Note how narrow the roads are with one of the road hazards we frequently encounter.
Notice how the houses come right up to the road edge, NO sidewalks (footpaths) Lots of beautiful thatched cottages in the villages

Here are some of the driving problems due to all the rain. The picture doesn't do it justice
Visability is a problem, this is what most days are like only worse
Notice, not only are the roads flooded,  But the fields at the sides are like lakes.
We just got through a week of transfers, missionaries going home and coming, and a day long Mission Leadership Council.
We are now over 50,000 miles in traveling and still going strong!
    On the 24th Jan we traveled up to Sutton Colefield in the midlands, near Birmingham, for a Conference with the area Presidency from Frankfurt, and every Stake President from England, Scotland and Ireland, along with many of the Relief Society, Primary and Young Women's Stake Presidencies. Also, the Area Seventies from the UK were there also.  The meeting was held on Saturday, so we sprnt the night at a B&B which was a converted old schoolhouse,   See below

 The meeting finished around 2:30pm. we had a late lunch, then drove back to Reading for their Stake Conference. The meeting started at 6:00pm and we got their at 5:55pm. Both of us had to speak at that meeting,  We stayed that night in Reading at another B&B and collapsed into bed at 10:00pm, The next day we attended their Sunday Stake Conference meeting from 10:30am to 12:30pm , we had to speak again, during that meeting, then afterwards they had a meeting for investigators and new members which they asked us to speak at also . We finally got home around 6:30pm.
Life is busy and hectic, but we are surviving, the next few weeks will have us traveling all over the mission doing interviews and multi zone conferences, quite a busy time,
We love you all and are so grateful for your patience with us, Time is going so fast, it seems as every day is Sunday. A great big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to all with birthdays this month, and a very Happy Valentines Day to all. (aren't you proud of me? I actually remembered BEFORE the day) I usually haven't a clue what the date is, only what day it is.
The daffodils are all starting to bloom again at the roadsides, and the crocuses also, It has been such a mild if very wet Winter and Spring is coming early. even walking across the lawn your feet sink into the ground. Wish we could send some of this rain to Utah.
Must close unless the Pres, has something to add, You are always in our prayers.
   As the President signs off to all the missionaries,   Forever Faithful.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Happy New Year

Happy New Year from wet and windy England, The last few weeks have been very windy and blustery with gale force winds and lots of rain, which of course is causing lots of road and property flooding, the soggy ground can't absorb any more moisture, The main road through our little town of Cobham was closed over the holiday's and still is on and off because of the River Mole flooding it's banks, Most of the river's in southern England have breached there banks and have flooded many homes and businesses. We feel very blessed, and ALL our missionaries are safe. Many people have had their homes damaged.We had severe gale force winds just before Christmas which uprooted one of our beautiful Silver Birch trees in our back garden. Fortunately it's was behind the hedge which saved it from falling on the house, but it was leaning at such an angle and bouncing up and down every time the wind blew that we were glad when they removed it about a week later. If it had come down completely it would have taken the guttering on the house and broken the kitchen and main bedroom windows. It wasn't a very old tree but the base was over a foot across

This is the tree in our back garden, then the broken trees in our next-door neighbors yard, Then some of the flooding in Cobham before it got too bad and flooded the street, As you can see the fields are all under water.
Our neighbors home Christmas Eve
Christmas Eve found us doing our usual Christmas delivery to the missionaries so that they would get their very latest packages before Christmas, We were trying to get through town to get to the main road to Portsmouth when we took the above picture, but they were diverting all the trafic and we had to turn around and go another way, We went to Portsmouth, Southampton and Bournemouth on the South Coast, and the office Elders went in another direction, and the assistants in another, to make sure all the packages were delivered, We figured over 40 missionaries would not be getting anything from home, so it was fun playing Santa, A BIG THANK YOU to all that helped financially with this worthwhile and much needed project.
    While we were in Bournemouth we went to our favorite fish and chip shop, Chez Fred's, The food is wonderful, and it is a sit down restaurant as well as a takeout, That was the icing on the cake for our Christmas Eve celebration, and we were able to get home after the 2 hour dive back by about 8:30pm Christmas Eve.
   Bournemouth is a very special place for me, because that is were I spent quite a few Summer holidays with my parents when I was young, my brother Geoff, was probably working and not able to be with us, but there is something about the place that evokes some very sweet memories for me, even though we don't get to see much ot the town or beaches.
    We only had 2 missionaries going home at Christmas, Christmas Day was our official transfer day, but we weren't getting any Missonaries arriving and only 2 going home. One to Liverpool and one to Moldova, Russia, so we released them on Dec. 18th.  so they could be home for Christmas, that meant when we had our one Mandarin Elder come to us on New Years Day, we had transfers then.
    We have started doing transfers at the Staines Stake House because there is more room, and the railway station is just across the street, making the transfers less of a hassle with all the luggage. Even though we only had one Elder coming in, it involved about 90 different missionaries transferring because some had been in areas 9 months and we tried not to move any at Christmas.
  Two days later we had our MLC, (Mission Leadership Council) also at the Staines Chapel, this involves so many leaders now that we don't have room for them at the Mission Home,
    We now have 10 Zone Leaders, (9 Zones and 1 Digital Zone, with 2 in each zone) 11 Sister Trainer Leaders, and now 2 Chinese Trainer Leaders, for our Mandarin speaking Elders.
   In October we baptized 36, November 36, both the highest in about 2 years, then in December we had 44 baptisms, bringing the years total to 330, the highest baptising year in 3 years.
We are well and happy, (just keep the oil can handy) and thank goodness for Tylenol, or as they say over here, Paracetamol, We send our love and best wishes to everyone for a wonderful happy and safe New Year,          God Bless you all,
                 President and Sister Millar    aka Doc and Val

Thursday, December 12, 2013


     I KNOW THANKSGIVING HAS PAST AND CHRISTMAS IS QUICKLY APPROACHING but we owe our loved ones some news of what has been going on in our lives. We had a mission tour by our Area President Jose A. Teixeira and his wife. They spent four days with us. Tuesday November 26 we had a MLC (mission leadership council). We then had three days in a row of multizone conferences: first the three eastern zone, Crawley, Maidstone, and Wandsworth, then the three western zones, Plymouth, Bristol, and Poole. Lastly we met with the three central zones, Staines, Reading, and Portsmouth. We had a bit of travel involved especially the second day when we had to drive two hours to Poole and then back that night. That was on thanksgiving day.  The real special treat was that the Poole stake relief society cooked a full turkey Thanksgiving dinner for the nearly 100 missionaries. It was marvelous.

    We received excellent instruction from both Elder and Sister Teixeira. Although it seemed stressful as we were planning for them to come, it actually was very relaxed and enjoyable. I feel that our missionaries gained a lot from the tour.  This quarter is also the time for interviews so Sister Millar and I have been on the road a lot..  We interview three zones the week before the Tour and four zones last week. Last week to do the four zones, which included 106 missionaries took us four and a half days.  Most of the days were at least 14 hours or longer. It usually takes about 15-20 minutes per interview.  Ther are 26-28 missionaries in each zone. Mingled into all of this is reading the 250 emails that they send each week.  I have never missed reading every letter each week. Occasionally a little of night work.
     This week and next week we are bringing the whole mission into the Temple for a temple sesiion and then feed them a nice dinner and then send them back to their areas. With 300 missionaries, counting our Senior couples, we can break them into four groups of about 76 per group.  That is the maximum that we can fit into a temple session and the limit of what we can seat in the accomidation center at the London Temple. We had a marvelous session yesterday with the first group.  Today we recieved two new missionaries that needed to be placed. Tomorrow we have another group coming, then on Friday we have two senior couples coming and another senior couple coming on Saturday. There is never a dull moment.  Next week we will have two more groups and then the next week is Christmas.
     It sounds like all work and no play, but Sister Millar and I took a night last month to slip into London to see the musical "Wicked". A friend we know Savannah Stevenson, played one of the lead roles of Glinda the good witch. She is also the one who plays Mary the mother of the Savior in the bible videos that you can watch on lds.org.
                                                   The Stage and curtain for Wicked
   We are healthy, happy, and getting older by the day. It is really suprizing to think that we are nearly half finished with this assignment.  It seems like we are just beginning to get a feel for what we are doing. Our blessings are great. We both had to shed more than a few tears as we looked around the Celestial room in the temple at 76 missionaries all dressed in white. What a sight and a memory for Christmas.
   We wish you all the very Best wishes for Christmas, We wish we could be with everyone of you, but we know that that is impossible, We have invited all the office senior couples and visitor center couples to the mission home for Christmas day, Hopfully it will be better for us than last year, The missionaries are always invited to members homes, so we got first dibs on most of the senior couples this year, Although we are frantically busy, it will be lots of fun to be with everyone, Last year we spent it alone, Most people thought we would enjoy the rest and quite for a change, but that made it harder, seeing as we don't watch tv, and our reading selection is limited.
     God Bless everyone.       President and Sister Millar, aka Doc and Val.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Frantic Fall

Dear family and friends,
       What a frantic pace we keep, and yet we are managing to survive somehow, Things seem to be slowing down as far as opening new areas, and we seem to have reached our full compliment of missionaries for the moment. Now we are just trying to keep on top of things.
 We got finished with interviews and three tri-zone conferences, and now we are preparing for another round of tri-zone conferences because we are having the Area president, President Teixeira of the Seventy, coming to do a mission tour for four days the week of 25th November. He wants to meet, and talk with all the missionaries. He and his wife will also be staying with us.
Huge pig farm near Stonehenge
M25 beltway at sunset. Just passing Heathrow Airport

      December is approaching very quickly and we are having the missionaries come in four different groups to the accommodation center on the Temple grounds for a Temple Session and Christmas Dinner, We can only accommodate 70-75 at a time in the Temple or the accommodation centre, so that is going to be a lot of traveling and quite an expence getting the missionaries here, but it's a wonderful time and worth every penny.
        We have been tied up every Saturday and Sunday with Stake Conferences, so we have been traveling around the mission quite a bit. Sometimes when travel is too far to get home, and then be back the next morning for the Sunday Meetings, we stay overnight.

    It's hard to believe Christmas is around the corner, so if you think Thanksgiving is too early too start Christmas, you should have been in Costco in August, Because they already had their Christmas decorations up, Trees and everything,
      We love to drive through the little towns and villages around Southern England at Christmas time, they literally look like a "Currier and Ives" Christmas card. With it getting dark at 4pm, it really is magical, As the days get shorter the sun rises in the south east and sets in the south west,

    Last Friday we managed to change our schedules so we could go with the Senior Couples, on their monthly outing. One of our couples who work with the YSA (Young Single Adults) and are living in Oxford, took us on a walking tour of Oxford, and then to Christchurch College, where we were shown around by the Bishop of one of the Oxford Wards. He happens to work there. He then took us into the dining hall where they got the inspiration for Hogwarts Dining Hall in the Harry Potter Movies, and were some of the filming took place. We then
 had "High Tea" there,  clotted cream scones and chocolate eclairs with hot chocolate. We were very glad of the refreshment by then as we had walked about 2 miles in absolutely pouring down rain and we were soaked, and feeling rather waterlogged.
 Christ Church dining hall Oxford University
One of the oldest trees in England.  Christ Church gardens.

Saturday, October 5, 2013


Dear family and friends,
       We can't believe it's been so long since we last wrote to you, We are sooooo sorry, but in all honesty it just seems like last week, things are really hectic with all the new missionaries, our compliment with the Senior couples and Visitors Center is now at 314.
      We have 254 young Elders and Sisters, with 2 more arriving in 10 days, and we now have 68 sister missionaries, and at the moment 8 of them are Sister Trainer Leaders, which is the equivalent of a Zone Leader, They are able to do exchanges with the other sisters in their zones and attend Mission Leadership Council which is held at the Mission Home the Friday after transfers.
       Since we last wrote we have been doing missionary interviews, this involves us traveling  throughout the mission and scheduling each interview session to coincide with each Zones training session. and usually we try to have it on a day when the Stake is having it's Stake Correlation Meeting that night, so that we don't have to make the long trip back another time.  With 10 Zones, including the newly formed Digital Zone it takes a good 3 weeks, The President starts interviewing at around 9:30am and breaks for just enough time to address the Zone, then he continues on until all are interviewed, anywhere from 24 to 28 in each zone. This usually takes 7 - 8 hours.
   We prefer to go to the missionaries in their zone rather than having them travel to the mission office as it would take too much time, as well as be too expensive.
      That usually give us enough time to grab a bite to eat before the correlation meeting starts. Usually then we can drive home later that evening, even though it gets quite late, but some places we have to stay overnight.
      We have gone through 2 transfers and Mission Leadership Councils since we contacted you all last. It's hard to believe that much time has gone by.
We are talking at Wards most Sundays so that is a bit of travel, also Stake Conferences have started for the Fall and so we are involve in speaking at the Saturday Evening sessions as well as on Sunday,  and Roger usually has to speak at the Saturday afternoon Priesthood Sessions as well.
    September 10th to the 13th, was our Missionary Presidents training seminar in Versaille, Paris, France for four days three nights.   We flew to Paris, It was wonderful, We met in the conference room where the Treaty of Versaille was signed in the 1930s, The Hotel was on the grounds of the Versaille Palace, and we were able to go and tour it and it's fabulous Gardens one afternoon. The next night before we left, we were all taken by bus into Paris, and had a dinner cruise on the River Seine, it rained a little but was marvelous.
 The Versaile Palace
 The Effeil Tower from the Seine river boat
President  and Sister Millar on the dinneer boat on the Seine River

       The highlight of our meetings, was the presence of Elder's Ballard and Oakes of the Quorum of the Twelve and their wives, along with Elder Maynes of the Presidency of the  Presidency of Seventy, and Elder Davies of the Presiding Bishopric. We had a wonderful and spiritual 3 days of talks and instruction from them.
   When we got home on the Friday evening, as we were unpacking it occured to us that we had to re-pack, as we were leaving the next day for Poole to speak at their Stake Conferences.
 The next week we continued with interviews and then left Saturday morning to fly to the island of Jersey, off the coast of France for 2 days for their ward conference, and we had a wonderful time. What a beautiful place.
       The Gardens at the Greenhill Inn B&B  the isle of Jersey
     more of the gardens
The Stake Leadershiop at the Channel Islands conference

    This last week is usually are most active and busiest, we had 9 missionaries leaving,  four elders and 5 sisters, and because the Temple is closed for repairs, we took them into London for a sightseeing tour, which was fun for us as well. We always have a family home evening with them, and show the movie 17 miracles, about the Willey and Martin handcart company, then Wednesday was transferday, we had 27 new missionaries arrive,
      Thursday is usually planning and grocery shopping, (thank goodness for Costco), Then yesterday was Mission Leadership Council, which takes most of the day, We feed them breakfast and a big lunch, there are usually about 35 hungry people including us.
      After they left we drove down to Portsmouth on the coast, (about an hour or hour and a half depending on traffic) that was about 5pm, we went to a Chinese night at the Portsmouth Ward, and it was wonderful, we have 9 Manderin speaking Elders, and quite a few Chinese investigators and members, They showed videos of China and shared their culture and costumes, they make traditional food to share and taste, and one of the elders from mainland China played his Sheng, a traditional Chinese instrument that goes back thousands of years, and is made out of bamboo and reeds all tied together. it was a wonderful night with a lot of ward members present, Afterwards we drove home.
     Today is our 18th wedding anniversary.  We are taking a little trip to London to take in a play. I've been out teaching with the misssionaries this afternoon. We were teaching about the Book of Mormon to a man from Ghana. It is always good to be with the missionairies and to feel the spirit in the work of salvation. Looking forward to General Conference this week end.  We send our love to all.  We are healthy and happy.  We are blessed.  Thank you for your prayers, we need them.