Saturday, September 27, 2014

Correcting mistakes, Ops.

Dear family and friends,
 The trouble with writing on the run, when your husband is stating we have to leave in 5 minutes so hurry up, is that typos are made and you don't get time to correct them, So here goes,
        First of all the Chapel we do exit interviews in is Eastgrinstead, NOT Eastbourne. I also forgot to mention we also have a Testimony meeting with all the departing missionaries after dinner, before we have to say goodbye to them all, and I must say that this is probably the hardest part of the whole missionary experience, These young and sometimes Senior missionaries become so dear to us, they really become like family, It's a very emotional and hard day, especially for me, as my husband says, "Leaky Eyeballs".  Many will go back to their homelands and very hard living conditions, and we will probably never get to see them again, especially at our age.
  We counted up the other day and we have had over 60 countries represented by our missionaries. what an experience for them and what a blessing for us, The world is certainly coming to us here in England as well as we going to them.
 Also those white cliffs really are between Eastbourne and Brighton, just west from Dover, the White cliffs are not as long there, These are the ones you see in war movies. What a welcoming sight they must have been.
 England has been doing an awful lot of celebrations this year, as it's 100 years since the outbreak of WWI. England entered the war on August 4th 1914, America didn't join the war until 2 years later with the bombing of the ship The Lucitania off the coast of Ireland.
    I also forgot to mention that 2 weeks ago after my husbands eye appointment in London, we had the opportunity to meet up with Bonnie and Jim Parkin at the Marble Arch Marriott. They were there visiting for a few days before sailing from Southampton on a cruise and visiting the beaches at Normandy. We were able to go to the Imperial War Museum, and apart from everything else there is to see about ALL warfare, planes, tanks etc, they have a special exhibit about WWI, It was very well worth visiting, and we had a wonderful time with them,
    Jim and Bonnie were Mission President and Wife here in the England London South Mission from 1997 to 2000, and we actually had dinner with them in the mission home were we are now living when we visited them in 1998. We came over for the Preston Temple Dedication, (which is in Chorley, just up the road from the home I was born and raised in). The Preston MTC is there on the grounds along with the Stake House and Distribution Center.

Outside the Imperial War Museum with Jim and Bonnie

Outside the museum, These are HUGE guns
Below a couple of iconic views of the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben with the London Eye in the background,(Ferris Wheel)
Love to all and God Bless, Roger and Val.

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