Friday, September 26, 2014

Fall is coming

Dearest family and friends,
        Sorry it's been so long since we wrote, We can't believe how time is flying. Everyone told us the last year would fly by, and we thought the first two years had gone quickly, but we hardly get a breath and it's another week gone,  October is going to be even crazier, with approx. 314 missionaries, (thats including the senior couples), we don't seem to have a minute to breathe, but somehow the Lord provides, We go to bed exhausted and wake up around 5:30 - 6:00 am. refreshed and ready to go again.
       The week after General Conference we start Monday with dinner with our departing missionaries and a fireside that night, Usually we show a move, Ephraim's Rescue or 17 Miracles, at the Eastbourne Chapel. Then Tuesday we meet with the departing missionaries in the Temple for a session, have lunch in the Temple cafeteria, then go to the Eastbourne Chapel, where we have exit interviews by President Millar, and also a presentation which the Church is trying out, called Live my Gospel,
       This program is to reorient the missionaries and make it easier for them to adjust to "normal" life after their mission. They have been so focused on Preach my Gospel for two years, or 18 months for the sisters. that we hope this will help them get back into school and daily living with a smoother transition.
  The next day is transfer day with the new missionaries coming from the MTC. (Missionary Training Center) in my hometown, Chorley, to join with us in the London England South Mission, We do most of the transfers at the Staines Chapel because it is across the road from a Railway Station and makes it easier for those with luggage to get to their new areas.  Thats an all day job, that includes training the new trainers and orienting the new missionaries.
       The week after that we have a mission tour by a General Authority from Germany, He will be here with his wife and staying at the Mission home with us for 4 days, We will be having our Multi-Zone Conferences in three consecutive days, so there will be a lot of travel involved, Crawley one day, then Poole the next, then Staines for the final one. These will finish on Friday, and Saturday we will be starting our 9 Stake Conferences, and we usually have to stay overnight to get to all the meetings, The first one is in Portsmouth.
   The next week on Tuesday, we leave to go to Portugal to the Mission Presidents Training Seminar. and we will be there for 3 nights and 4 days, arriving home Friday evening in time to re-pack for the Plymouth Stake conference the next day.
     Never a dull moment.!!!!
   We did manage to grab some pictures of the Seven Sisters Cliffs on our way home from Eastbourne a few weeks ago. They extend from Eastbourne all down the coast to Brighton and are incredible. I'm sure you've all seem pictures of them in WW1 movies, They are the White Cliffs you see that pilots used as landmarks as they approached the English coast.
    This is just a small section of them

A kind Japanese tourist offered to take this for us

This is part of the old Manor House on the Temple Grounds.
Below an Inn next to the B&B we stay at just outside of Exeter

Well love to love all WE DO THINK OF YOU ALL OFTEN.We are so grateful for your patience and understanding, God Bless, we appreciate all your prayers and can't wait to see you all again, Love always, Valerie and Roger, aka President and Sister Millar.

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