Saturday, November 17, 2012

Nov 17,2012

I added a lot to the last blog but I seemed to have lost it and couldn't add a nice photo of the colours in our back yard. Last monday we went to a play called "Deamboats and Petticoats".  I was a clever musical full of rock and roll music fro the 60s.  it was fun.  Tuesday we drove down to Portsmouth and caught the ferry over to the Isle of Wight to visit the set of Sister missionaries.  One of them needed some counsel and a blessing. That evening we went to a video conference with the area presidency from Hong Kong to talk about the returning of new chinese converts back to communist China. We teach a lot of students form China that join the church, but many of them return to China and are becoming the means by which the church is growing in China. Thursday be went to Yeovil to interview a prospective convert with some special problems, then on to Poole for a missionary correlation meeting with the Stake Presidency and the Zone Leaders.  Friday we received a call from one of the Elders who needed a visit and a blessing. He was 225 miles away.  We got in the car after packing a lunch and drove down and back.  Our mileage is now at 13,200 miles since we arrived.Good thing we like to drive and like each others company.  We do spend a bit of time in the car. We have many marvellous experiences some very tender.  We continue to love what we are doing, and feel we are where we supposed to be.  Tomorrow we have another Stake Conference that we will get the privilege to speak at.   Thanks for the newsy emails.  We love the pictures and to hear of what you are doing ,even if we don't have a lot of time to answer each one.  Keep writing!! Love to ALL.    
  I'll try to attach a photo of our back yard.  The colours have been lovely.

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