Saturday, November 17, 2012

Fall is here


The trees have all changed colours, and most of the leaves are coming down.  The days are very much shorter and the weather much cooler.  That means fall is here.  We are still travelling a bit.  We ent to `poole last weekend for a play called Redemption.  It was written by a local member. it told of a couple very much in love. He was killed in the first world war in France.   They had two children.  Her children joined the church and after she died as an old women in the first of the play, they found out much more about their grandfather by journals and letters in the attic.  They were sealed in the temple as the redemption of their love.  It was very well done and was put on near Armistice day, or poppy days as they call it here.  Lots of non members came and it was well received.
     We are planning for a visit from the Area Presidency for a mission tour in two weeks.  Lots of plans.  `new missionaries coming. Only five but they are from five different nations: Armenia, Hungary, Fiji, Romania. and the USA.  The diversity continues.

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