Sunday, August 19, 2012

We are happy thank you

The week seems to glide past so rapidly, I wonder where the time goes.  We had our Zone leaders council this past Wednesday. We had 22 Elders here at the mission home for breakfast, training and lunch.  Sister Millar was busy in the kitchen. We finally made it to the Doctors office to get some prescriptions filled.  It turned out that customs or someone took most of Val's medicines out of our luggage, but we are on top of it now.  Next, I need to get an eye appointment in London.. We are getting quite good at this travel business.  Today we attended church in Farnborough ( about 35 miles away), packed our lunch of two sandwiches and warm water, ate them on the road since we had do run down to Salsbury. (another 60 miles) to pick up a missionary that needed to come back to the office.  Oh , our driving miles is now over 4200 miles.  Tomorrow we are headed down to St Austell  in  Cornwall, (250 miles) for a zone conference in the morning
Tuesday then drive three hour to Bristol for another zone conference in the afternoon, then on home to bed, after dark.
     Slowly we are getting the hang of it. Thats when we will find out what we have been missing.  Oh well, ignorance is bliss.  Honestly we are healthy, little gimpy in the legs due to senior mileage, but seem to make it up most mornings with a smile.  It has been very hot, (only in the 80s) but very humid.  With no air conditioning it is a little muggy at bedtime. The days are quickly getting shorter with dark coming earlier.
     We love you all.  Jodi could you check to see if JoAnn is getting the blog, and would she make sure Bryce, Ruth, and Sybil know how to find us.   Happy Birthday to everyone with birthdays the past two months. Good night and God Bless..

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