Sunday, August 12, 2012

Transfers complete

Well all seemed to go OK.  It is quite amazing to see the quality of the missionaries entering the field this time.  It is quite a miracle to see how the personalities fit and where they were assigned,  The Lord's hand is truely manifest in the work.  There are always challenges:  I've been weighed down with some belated confessions and struggle with what will be best for the missionary and still protect the sanctity and reputaion of the Lord and his servants. I don't always get things right the first time.  Thank goodness for repentance even for mission presidents.
  There is always more things to do than the time available, so we are always choosing what is the best and most important,  the rest sort of takes care of itself.           Hopefully early to be bed with better sleep and less worries about a few!!
    Thanks again for your emails, We do love to hear from you.  How are things ar DRMC, Paul? Tell the OR family hello for us.  We Love you all and pray for you..  DAD and VAl (President and Sister Millar)

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