Monday, August 27, 2012

Onward, Ever Onward

This last week is almost a blur.  We did travel to Cornwall and Bristol for zone conferences.  We stayed in a unique bed and breakfast in St Austell, Cornwall.  It was called the Water Wheel.  It was an old mill, with three foot thick stone walls. It was quite pleasant. Two more zone conferences on Thursday  and Friday.  We went into London on the train and undergroud to go to the Moorefields Eye Hospital.  That was an interesting experience. Quite different getting around by trains and the subway.  Reminded me of when we were here with Andy and Suzy.  Andy had a green frog (stuffed) that he would slide down the long escalators in the undergound stations.
     On our way to Cornwall we stop in Winchester to see the cathedral.  It was built in the 600s about when Moroni was finishing up the Book of Mormon.  Gives new meaning to Old.  Will try to send some pictures>
    It seems the phone is always there. Calls to Germany, USA, Portugal, Spain, just to sort out problems with missionaries, parents, and the work.  It is always interesting and a bit challenging. Sunday we attended Church at the Clapham Commons ward.  The stake president was there,both he and the Bishop are Black and a large portion of the congregation are British but of African or Jamaican decent. They are beautiful and loving people.  We stayed for a "munch and mingle" after church with some interesting and spicy foods. It is almost hard to believe we are really doing this.  We love it.  This work is the Lords work and we can see his hand in it every day. We love all of you.   President and Sister Millar

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