Monday, July 23, 2012

still upright and moving

Dear family and friends,   We continue to be very busy.  We are trying to interview al 148 missionaries in the mission in two weeks.  This is so I can know them all before our first transfers on Aug 8th.. Four weeks ago we had 17 new missionaries arrive, in two more weeks we get another 10. Nearly half of all our companionships have new people who are still being trained.  Lots of new blood , that's good because they haven't learned too many bad habits yet and we can train them right.We have now put over 2500 miles on our car since arriving,  almost all of it on the correct side of the road.
     Things are really gearing up for the Olympics which start this weekend.  Several of the venues are in our mission.  WE will be trying to get as many people as possible to commit to an email contact.  They can be then taught by chat all over the world.  We are teaching people from all over the world and in some cases even in countries where missionaries can't go.  It is really exciting ,the possibilities!
     This weekend we can't move around much in Surrey because of road closures for two days , so we are planning on visiting the channel islands of Jersey and Geurnsey.  We will get back to the mission home late Sunday night.
     Last Saturday and Sunday we went down to the Cornwall area near Lands End.  We attended church there.  Valerie ( Sister Millar)  has talked several times now and is getting much more comfortable.  We are very busy and running around a lot but we have a happy peaceful feeling as we topple into bed each night.  I for one will be glad when I can sleep beyond 4:30 or 5:00 AM.  I have yet to set an alarm clock or over sleep.The Sun comes up at 4AM and goes down about 10PM.
     The Gospel is true and we see miracles every day in the lives of our missionaries.

Forever faithful  president and Sister Millar                  ps will attach a photo of St Micheal's  island near Helston towards Lands End.

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