Sunday, July 8, 2012

Dear family,  Sorry for the long delay.  Computer problems,  thank goodness for some techy assisants who are helping me get connected.  The first 8 days have been some what busy.  Sister Millar and I both caught colds, probably on the long flight with enclosed spaces. Slowly feeling better,,Hoping to sleep better.
     Since arrival I've driven over 800 miles English style in the worst traffic I have ever seen.  We've been out teaching with the missionaries, attended baptisms and have conducted our first multi-zone conference.  Did I mention that we were 2 1/2 hours late because I put petrol in the diesel and had to have the tank pumped dry.    To give you a flavor for the mission, we have missionaries from 40 different countries.  The first baptismal interview I did was for a man from Nepal, who was Hindu,speaks 7 languages,has a  PhD in some type of engineering.  The baptism we attended was for a young student at Oxford from Uganda. He was baptized by a recent convert from China and one of the missionaries that taught him is a recent Muslim convert from Germany. Talk about going into all the world.  All the world has come to us here in London South.
     We have two more multi-zone conferences next week, then I need to get all 138 missionaries plus 18 Senior couples interviewed the following week.  This will be in preparation for new arrivals (15) with 11 going home on August 8th.. On Aug 10th-11th we fly to Frankfurt,Germany for an area conference with the 15 new mission Presidents in our area.  Each monday I receive 138 email letter from my missionaries that need to be read by Wed.  Not much spare time but we are loving it.  The people are great and loving.  We love you all.

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