Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Staying alive

Tues JULY 17,2012
           Another week has gone by.  We've now driven 1700 miles.  `last week we had the two zone conferences then on Saturday we drove down to the Bristol zone to do personal interviews.  This took all day plus it is about 150 miles each way.  `on the way home our friendly "Tom-Tom", ( satellite navigation system) took us on some beautiful roads through the Salsibury `plains.  `yes, we drove right past Stonehenge.  It was beautiful.  I had hoped to include a picture, but `i'm still trying to figure out this new computer, it is a little different. The amount of things to process and take care of never seems to slacken but it feels rewarding and we have a peaceful reassurance that we can do this.  We love you hope to get better at documenting our journey.  `i've got still 100 letters to read.  `love to all!

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