Saturday, February 22, 2014

Senior Missionaries Needed,

Dear friends and family, I KNOW! I KNOW, It;s only been a short while since our last blog, but we need to send out a very special request, a plea if you like, for any Senior Couples that are thinking of serving a mission in the near future, We have 6 senior couples going home in the next 5 months and only one couple assigned to replace them. HELP!!!!  They wound be needed to work with the YSA ( young single adults) in some of our Stakes. Also we need senior couples for membership and leadership support to some of our wards and branches. If anyone has any interest please contact us by e-mail.   If you are interested please let the missionary department know you would like to serve in the England London South Mission, and we can put a word in also from this end.
     Things continue to be hectic for us, 2 weeks ago we left home at 9am to go and interview missionaries in the Wandsworth Stake, that took most of the day, them we got a quick bit to eat, (We usually take sack lunches for day long interviews), them from 7pm onwards we had Stake Missionary Correlation Meeting with the Wandsworth Stake Presidency, and Stake Mission Leaders, also the Zone Leaders, and of course us. We finally got home around 10pm.
  The next day was interviews for the digital zone at the Crawley Stake Center (a new and successful area of missionary work), them intreviews the day after at Crawley Stake Center  for the Crawley Zone. which led us to Friday and interviews for the Staines Zone with us Travelling from the Kingston ward to Staines and then to Slough.
 Weekends we are usually chasing around going to baptisms, and the office, and the Visiters Center on the Temple grounds, catching up with things at the mission home, and going to the store.
      Last Tuesday was the start of our Multi Zone Conferences, Three Zones (Stakes) met at the Poole Stake Center. (Plymouth, Bristol and Poole) we then stayed overnight in Portsmouth so we could do interviews all the next day,----- We even managed to have dinner at our favorite Fish and Chip Shop,  Chez Fred's in Westbourne, which is between Poole and Bournemouth ------ Staying in Portsmouth  saved us a 2 hour drive home and back, We finished off at Hamble River, and it was quite a pleasant day…… the sun actually came out for a while…….
   Thursday was a catchup day, and Friday, another Multi Zone Conference at Staines (Staines, Reading and Portsmouth Stakes)
  Spring seems to be approaching much more rapidly than last year, even though this has been the wettest year on record for England, Water is still everywhere,
These beautiful little daffodils are in the front garden by our back door, and their heads are less than 1 inch across

These 2 pictures were taken from the ferry going across to the Isle of Wight, We had to speak at a Fireside there. These are just leaving the dock at Portsmouth.
This is the Isle of Wight taken from the ferry not long before we landed.
Another busy week next week. Tuesday will see us at the Crawley Stake House, This isn't far from Gatwick Airport, and we will be having our last Multi Zone Conference The Digital Zone,( this includes the Visiting Center Sisters as well as Office Elders and Proselyting Elders) The Crawley Zone, the Maidstone Zone and the Wandsworth Zone.
 This is the roundabout near our home where we get on the A3
This is a sign on the Southamptom Chapel door,  
Must close, Love you all, and appreciate all your support and prayers,
God Bless,
 Roger and Valerie, aka President and Sister Millar.

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