Monday, February 10, 2014

Arc Building. 101

Dear family and friends,
A BIG HELLO, from soggy and water logged Southern England,
They say it's the wettest winter on record, and we won't disagree, unfortunately there is more rain and gales on the way. Many of the railway tracks are under water, and the ones on the south coast in Dorset, Devon, Somerset, and Cornwall that are near the coast have been damaged by the sea surge and washed away. So far, the Missionaries and ourselves have not been affected too much at present, although in some areas our missionaries are helping with flood control and filling sandbags, and helping in the shelters to feed and help those who have been evacuated. Rail travel is the main mode of transport for most people, What a mess, Is this a sign of the times, or what????
    Driving in it is also a challenge!, Last Thursday we left home at 8.15am to drive to Plymouth, to talk to an Elder who was having some problems and needed to talk to the President, a 4 hr drive, We were trying to drive back home through Poole and Chicester to talk to another Elder who needed to talk with the President, but some of the roads were closed due to the flooding, consequently we were driving though small towns, which were very picturesque, but a little scary, It would have been beautiful if it hadn't been so grey and misty all day. We finally got home about 10.30pm.   Below; Note how narrow the roads are with one of the road hazards we frequently encounter.
Notice how the houses come right up to the road edge, NO sidewalks (footpaths) Lots of beautiful thatched cottages in the villages

Here are some of the driving problems due to all the rain. The picture doesn't do it justice
Visability is a problem, this is what most days are like only worse
Notice, not only are the roads flooded,  But the fields at the sides are like lakes.
We just got through a week of transfers, missionaries going home and coming, and a day long Mission Leadership Council.
We are now over 50,000 miles in traveling and still going strong!
    On the 24th Jan we traveled up to Sutton Colefield in the midlands, near Birmingham, for a Conference with the area Presidency from Frankfurt, and every Stake President from England, Scotland and Ireland, along with many of the Relief Society, Primary and Young Women's Stake Presidencies. Also, the Area Seventies from the UK were there also.  The meeting was held on Saturday, so we sprnt the night at a B&B which was a converted old schoolhouse,   See below

 The meeting finished around 2:30pm. we had a late lunch, then drove back to Reading for their Stake Conference. The meeting started at 6:00pm and we got their at 5:55pm. Both of us had to speak at that meeting,  We stayed that night in Reading at another B&B and collapsed into bed at 10:00pm, The next day we attended their Sunday Stake Conference meeting from 10:30am to 12:30pm , we had to speak again, during that meeting, then afterwards they had a meeting for investigators and new members which they asked us to speak at also . We finally got home around 6:30pm.
Life is busy and hectic, but we are surviving, the next few weeks will have us traveling all over the mission doing interviews and multi zone conferences, quite a busy time,
We love you all and are so grateful for your patience with us, Time is going so fast, it seems as every day is Sunday. A great big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to all with birthdays this month, and a very Happy Valentines Day to all. (aren't you proud of me? I actually remembered BEFORE the day) I usually haven't a clue what the date is, only what day it is.
The daffodils are all starting to bloom again at the roadsides, and the crocuses also, It has been such a mild if very wet Winter and Spring is coming early. even walking across the lawn your feet sink into the ground. Wish we could send some of this rain to Utah.
Must close unless the Pres, has something to add, You are always in our prayers.
   As the President signs off to all the missionaries,   Forever Faithful.

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