Monday, September 24, 2012

Mission Map

I though it might be interesting to see a map of our mission area.  It will help to know where we are talking about as we go to the various locations.
    Yesterday we drove in the rain down to Hastings, the lowest most Eastern area in the mission.  We have four sisters down there, two are awaiting to be transferred over to the Isle of Wight tomorrow as soon as their flat is available. They are from Switzerland, Malaysia, Denmark, and England. The diversity  never ceases to amaze me. Hastings is a very historic place, where the `normans invaded England in 1066.  William the Conqueror.
     Each of the zones represent the nine Stakes in our mission.  The wards or branches are the labels.  The mission home is near the Kingston ward.  The Temple and Mission office is near the East Grinstead Ward. they are about 25 miles apart.

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