Monday, September 10, 2012

Busy week and sadness

     This past week was busy.  We held three individual Zone conferences ,(Maidstone, Portsmouth and Poole), sent one couple home (the Hamblins from St George), sent one Elder home one week early so he can start Uni) held two Stake correlation meetings, attended a 4 hour Area Coordinating Council, and the sad part; had to let an Elder go home at his own insistence after only 30 days in the field.  He was a very bright and talented missionary but his family were nonmembers and he felt like his mother was in too much pain for him to stay.  I worked with him in multiple ways with many long distance phone calls but in the end his mind was made up.. I felt like I had a patient die on the table.  At least it felt as bad.  It always makes you wonder if you did all you could and so it is easy to blame yourself for what seems like a failure. But life goes on and we have another 150 missionaries to look after.
     I hope you like some of the random photos that I attached.  As much as anything to learn how to use this blog better.  We love you and appreciate and feel all of your prayers in our behalf, keep them coming.   

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