Thursday, August 15, 2013


Dear friends and family,
      As usual it's been a frantic month, where is the time going?, Friday we went into London to the Moorefield Eye hospital for the President's appointment, that takes most of the day, We catch the train here about a mile from the mission home, in the little village of Oxshott, at 9:30 am and it's a 35 - 40 minute train ride to Waterloo Station, we then catch the tube (underground) train to Euston underground  Station, and then get another to Old Street Station, which is the nearest to the Eye Hospital and is only a short walk away, we are usually there about 2 hours then reverse the train rides to come home, stopping at a local deli to get a baguette and drink to eat on the train back home. We usually get home anywhere around 3:30 - 4 pm.
    Since they dilate the Presidents eyes we don't do a lot of driving for the rest of the day. But the phone is constantly going, both our home phone and especially the President's cell phone. Since the President does most of his office work in the mission home office, there is plenty to do.
   On the 6th August we had four of our missionaries leave 2 weeks early, as they needed to get back to spend a few days with their families before starting school. One was an AP,( Assistant to the President) one a Zone Leader, the other two were Trainers and District Leaders. We took them for a session at the Temple, which we do with all departing missionaries, It is such a blessing for us to be there with them and quite a bitter-sweet experience. Sending each of our missionaries home is like saying goodbye to one of our children.
    On Saturday we had to go to a meeting in the Hyde Park Chapel, in London to meet with President Teixeira ( President of the European Area) and Elder David F. Evans (Director of the Missionary Executive council and a member of the 1st quorum of the Seventy) and their wives, along with President Jordan and his wife,  (London Mission President). That meant we had to drive to Epsom about 6 miles away to catch the train to Victoria Station, then we only had to catch one underground train to get there, instead of the two we would have had to catch if we had gone to our local railway station which only goes to Waterloo Station. We are finally figuring out the train and underground system,
       Sunday was another busy day we went to church in Orpington, then in the evening we had a visit from the former Elder White and his family that are visiting from Mapleton, Utah. What a wonderful evening that was. Michael White was one of the AP's when we got here, and we grew to love him as one of our own.
    Monday was a busy day, with the President starting to read all the letters from each of the missionaries, as he does every week, and I was getting ready for a special dinner that night for the London Mission President and his wife, and Elder David Evans and his wife Mary, who we have known for a great many years.  I actually made an English trifle which I haven't made for ever because it takes so long. Anyway I started Saturday and finished Monday, and it turned out OK.
    Elder and Sister Evans stayed with us that night. Then the next day Elder Evans wanted to go and tour the Visitors Center and Mission office on the Temple Grounds. We then drove to the nearby Crawley Stake House, there he had asked to speak to some of the missionaries. What a spiritual feast that was. It lasted about 5 hours and we had about 100 young missionaries plus about 10 Senior Couples. Afterwards we went to the Temple with them and then drove them to the airport.
  This busy week will end with us picking up 2 new Senior couples at Gatwick Airport Saturday morning, having a quick bite of lunch with them, then driving to Paignton, a good four hour drive, for a baptism then a musical evening fireside. Sunday we are speaking in church, having lunch with the Bishop and his family then driving back to Cobham.
            We send our love to each and every one of you, We feel very blessed, and love working with the missionaries, The Church is true, we know that more and more every day.  God Bless,
                      President and Sister Millar.  ( Doc and Val )


  1. I sure do love reading about your mission! Mark and I send our love to you both! ((hugs)) Mark & Wendy

  2. Hi, cousin, President Millar. My husband and I are the YSA missionary couple up here in Dundee. We just welcomed home one of your wonderful missionaries, formerly Elder Scott Nicholson. He gave a wonderful report at Sacrament Meeting yesterday. Love reading your blog. Thanks for all your good work. Elder David and Elaine Thurman Bylund

  3. Hello hello!
    So good to read your posts and to see you are both doing so well. I love all the flower pictures you have posted and remember them when we were there! So lovely! The Marcum's are doing well. Jeff only has 6 months left on his mission in Wisconsin and has become a wonderful, spiritual giant! (ok, at 6'6 he was already a "Giant" now he has the spiritual side!!) We are so proud of him. Spencer is just dragging his feet, not sure what he is doing. Lindsay is such a wonderful momma to our sweet Daxton who is almost one now!(of course he looks at least 18 months!)They are doing great. Dave's travel has slowed a bit and it's nice to have him around. I am loving being a Grandma, keeping busy in the Relief Society Presidency, and trying to enjoy life! I am so proud when I think of you both in London doing this awesome work of our Heavenly Father! I know your missionaries are blessed to have you both and that they love you!! We all love you and appreciate your wonderful example to us!!