Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mothers Day

Dear friends and family, How time flies, We want to wish all you Mothers, a very Happy and Wonderful Mother's Day, Today has been as busy as usual with a correlation meeting at the Staines Stakehouse at 7.00 am, ( That is 45minute drive away) then church at our home ward, Kingston. Then home for lunch, Then off to Wandsworth, near the Thames River, to meet with an Elder who is having some problems, then back in the car to drive to Aldershot to give another Elder a recommend for a patriarchal blessing, finally got home after 7.00pm and I'm just starting to get dinner ready.
      Last weekend we drove to Bristol, a good 2 hour drive away, we spent Saturday night there, and joined a YSA conference with youth from all over the country, there were over 350 young men and women there, we had sacrament and testimony meeting in the morning with Elder Kearon speaking, he is the 1st councillor in the area presidency, in the afternoon there were workshops with the Temple Presidency, and in the evening President Millar gave a fireside on Miracles, Medicine and Prophets, Mostly it was about the men who happened to be in the right place at the right time to help the Prophets when they had life threatening problems, and then he emphasised that whatever job or profession you go into, you need to be the very best you can be because you never know when your particular skill will be needed. we spent Sunday night in Bristol and drove back to London on Monday morning, The afternoon we spent with the AP's putting the final touches on plans for Zone Conference the next day,
          Tuesday was the Staines, Reading and Portsmouth Stakes Zone Conference, Wednesday we drove to Winchester (an old Roman Fort town and it has a Cathedral that was first started being built soon after the time Moroni was hiding the gold Plates in the Hill Cumorrah), for a baptism and we were invited to dinner at the ward mission leaders home afterwards, thats an hour and a half drive each way so we didn't get home until after 10.30pm, and Monday and Wednesday we also had President  Martin stay with us, He is my husbands 1st councillor and spoke at each of the conferences,  Thursday was the Crawley, Maidstone and Wandsworth Zone Conferences so that kept us pretty busy,
    Life is good, the Devil is working really hard on all our Missionaries and even the Leadership are not immune,
      Friday we caught up with some laundry and housekeeping and drove to the office to catch up with things there, Also drove into London to help out some of the sisters who are having some cultural clashes, Saturday we drove into Chichester (another Roman Fort town with a very old Cathedral) anyway we needed to see an Elder who hasn't been feeling well, we need to find some private medical care for him, even though he is English the National Health system won't take care of him, We are having a lot of problems getting health care even for English Elders,  The word is that the Church is going private for all Missionaries to make sure they get the proper treatment, that should be in effect by the end of the year.

Chichester Cathedral, Beautiful bluebells by our back door, and my little "Foxy" coming for some treats. Love you all, thanks for your Love and prayers, President and Sister Millar, aka, Doc and Val.

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  1. Lovely to read your blog. My Nephew, Elder Travers from Tasmania, Australia has just arrived in your mission and is currently in the MTC. So nice to learn a little of where he will be.