Thursday, January 31, 2013

The age of a man.

The reference for "the age of man" is in 3 Ne 28: 2-3. The Saviors twelve apostles, all except the three Nephites that would linger, would have their  ministry end and be taken home at the age of man. Verse 3 identifies this as 72 years. Thankfully we are both going strong and feel great.
     We have had a very busy month.  We have managed to go to all nine zones and interview all the missionaries...150.
We also just finished transfers, although two missionaries arrived on the 23rd of January.  These came off schedule because they come from the MTC in Provo. One Elder who is Mandarin speaking and the other one a Sister who is trained to be in the visitors centre. We had 3 Elders and one Sister arrive yesterday.  In two weeks we get another Mandarin speaking Elder and then 2 weeks later another sister from France who has been in the Preston MTC for an additional three weeks for English language training.  We ended up with an odd number of Elders this time so we had one of the Stake Presidents call a young man on a mini mission.  He has some mild autistic traits and we want to know he can handle the work before submitting his papers for a full time two year mission. Because of this Sister Millar and I drove to Weymouth, which is on the southwest coast on Sunday to attend church and to interview the young man.  We had to leave at 7:15 AM since it was a 2 and a half hour drive.  On Monday we had a new single senior missionary arrive who will be working in the office.  Sister Qumseyeh is from Palestine.  She had some amazing stories to tell.
     Over the next 60 days we will be receiving about 70 new missionaries, almost half of them new Sisters.  Very exciting times  finding new apartments (flats) and arranging for new areas to work.
       The snow has all melted with the help of additional rain which is now causing flooding in many parts of England.  Next week we have zone leaders council and then multi zone conferences in Feb.  We meet with three zones at a time  on three separate days, the 13th, 20th, and 21st. If you stop and think about it , it seems overwhelming. But since it is the Lord's work I have a peaceful feeling that all will work out just fine and that;s exactly what happens. HE IS IN CHARGE AND HE WILL NOT LET US FAIL. Today is Thursday but we used it as a P  day to get the laundry done, the car cleaned, shoes shined, shop for groceries, and catch our breathe.
    Thank you for all your prayers, we need them and can really feel them. We do not feel alone in what we are about. We feel that D & C 84:88 is fulfilled in our behalf.   We love you all.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ALL THE JANUARY PEOPLE.


  1. I am grateful for your blog Pres. and Sis. Millar! I am Elder Jones' (Mexico) Mom...and will enjoy following your adventures in England. Thank you for loving and teaching our son!
    Hugs from Mexico!
    Rachelle Jones

  2. Pres &Sis Millar
    Thank you for your blog. My son will leave for your mission on April 3. He got his call in October. Your blog has been an inspiration to him as he has been enduring the long wait. What a blessing you have been and will be to him.